Episode 6: Yvette Puliga’s story of intuition


Yvette is on a mission to rebrand the word midlife, mostly because she could not relate to it herself. By pairing it with the word RockStar, she is starting a movement to encourage women in their midlife to carve their own path. Her community offers a safe space for this time of life where you need to reinvent yourself and when sometimes life unravels in unsettling ways. Maybe it’s a divorce, or the kids leaving home. 

She is surrounding herself with a group of professionals who are ideally suited to support her community through this uncomfortable period in life. 

Although Yvette never really considered herself intuitive, she has recently embraced this side of her. She acknowledges that In her experience, intuition has never let her down. It’s about setting the rational mind aside and see in what direction the energy flows. When we are constantly bumping into problems, it’s probably our intuition speaking to us at a higher level. 

Her website is www.yvettepuliga.com


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