Episode 2: What if businesses had souls

Every living being has a soul and as a consequence, has an akashic records. Akashic records are what people know as the book of life of souls. It might surprise you but it is not only human beings who have souls. Animals do too, as do countries, buildings, cities, organisations, governments, and of course businesses. This might clash with some people’s religious beliefs. 

In today’s episode, I ask the question: what if businesses had souls? I have a vested interest in the answer because my speciality is reading the akashic records of businesses.

I wouldn’t be able to do that if businesses did not have souls.

So what does it mean that businesses have souls? Simon Sinek in his famous book Start with Why explains that the founders of businesses all come with a why that expresses the soul of their businesses. He cites the example of Apple, and whether you like Steve Jobs or not, you cannot denied that he brought a spirit to the company. He brought a why so big to the business that it survived his death. Now that is a legacy. 

Every business has a bigger purpose and it has a soul. There is the start up phase that you can compare to infancy. When they reach maturity, they might, just like humans do, have lost their why. This is what happens to us when we give up on our childhood dreams to the the responsible thing. 

There can be a split between where the business goes can disconnect from the initial spirit of the original days of that business. And if that happens, it loses the connection to the soul of the business. 

Every business has an energy. If the business is disconnected to its core, then that might be why we dislike some companies. The business then disconnects with its values. 

It is possible to connect to the soul of your business. This is what happened when you had your business idea. The business idea preexisted your business. It came to you because it believed that you were a good match to bring it to life. If you consciously connect to the energy of your business, then you can create a partnership. Your business can do half the work. It can inspire you. It can bring to you opportunities that you would not have thought even possible. It will also make things flow for you. 

You need to let go of the what and the how. That’s not your business. You need to allow your business to lead and inspire you and figure out the how and the what. 

You don’t need to be a spiritual entrepreneur in order to do this and benefit from connecting to the soul of your business. This will help you operate from a calm place but also to find the grit to keep going when things don’t seem to go according to plan. 

Your business has a blueprint that you can see (maybe with my help) and once you understand this blueprint, the unfoldment of your business is going to be so much easier. 

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