What every business owner should know about energy vampires

I heard the term energy vampire back in my days as a lawyer and it seemed to describe accurately what some people seemed to do in my work but I was left not knowing what to do about them, nor did I really know the magnitude of the impact they had on my life until I trained as a healer and learnt about energy. Now that I am back into the business world as an intuitive business strategist, I know how valuable that information would have been to me back then and this is why I am rather passionate about sharing what I know.

Let’s taik about energy vampires.

Who are they?

Energy vampires are people who make you feel drained or in whose presence your mood shifts significantly from positive to negative. You might not have identified the turning point in your mood but if you look back, you went to that meeting with Mr Jones or Mrs Peabody and when you left the meeting, you felt awful. The conversation might not even have been unpleasant but your mood is radically different. Does that ring a bell? For years this happened to me and I had no clue what had happened and I blamed it on me. I thought I was moody and unpredictable, until one day I trained in healing modalities whilst still in my job as an international business lawyer and everything seemed to click.

Why do they do what they do?

They suck your energy dry because they need it and they don’t know how to get that energy from their own efforts, or they don’t want to make the effort. Energy vampires are not evil. They just go for energy where they can find it. Most of them have no idea of what they are doing consciously. They don’t know about energy but the thing is, they don’t need to know about energy to use your energy. It all happens at an instinctive level.

How do you become an energy vampire?

It can happen after a trauma, an accident or during depression. It is mostly caused by an attitude of victimhood though, so not all people who experience trauma become energy vampires. There is an element of attention seeking in energy vampirism. A lot of drama involved. And often a lot of complaining, bitching and possibly arguing. So if you have been going through difficult times and you think my blog is about you, maybe you are wrong. Read on.

The difference between someone going through a crisis and an energy vampire

We can all become temporarily “needy”. Maybe we have been going through a nasty divorce and we can’t quite shine as much as we normally do. This is not being an energy vampire. Maybe we feel really low, but we keep it all to ourselves because we don’t want to bother other people. That is definitely not being an energy vampire. Energy vampires complain often about the smallest of things. They like to start arguments, sometimes for the sake of arguments. They feed on negativity. They will watch the news and feel better about it because it didn’t happen to them. Energy vampires have no desire to change. That is what makes them vampires. They don’t want to work on themselves and if you suggest that they do, they will viciously lash out at you.

What do they do?

They zap your energy. They drain you. They may also drain your finances and your time. They complain. But there is something else they do that people are not aware of: they put hooks into your energy field, into your chakras. You might not know about chakras and they might not either. All this might go well above your head and you might think this is hippie stuff but the truth is, people don’t need to know about energy to use energy. People don’t know about cords to hook into you. They just do it. And once the cords are in, they will stay in until they are removed. You may feel permanently tired and have no idea why. You might have even wondered if you were ill. And here is the thing: cords are active whether you are in the presence of that person or not. They are active even if you have not spoken to that person in twenty years. They may even survive death. Listen to the podcast episode where I share examples of this. Every time you think about that person, though, you will feel drained. It could be a competitor. Someone who you used to be friends with who is aggravated by your success because you moved on from victimhood and left them behind. Or it can be a troll on social media.

How can it affect your business?

This brings me nicely to how they can affect your business. Energy vampires can affect how much energy you have so they can literally stop you from working in your business. It can be that client that drains you. Or the competitor who envies you. Or the employee who resents you. These people are “invisibly” drawing on your energy to bring you down. They think that by bringing you down, they will feel better about themselves but it does not work that way. Be aware that the constant stream of news and negative books can also affect you and your business. Not just your energy but also your flow of money, so start becoming more picky what your read, who you listen to, what programme you consume on the media.

Four tips on how to deal with them

Sometimes we have energy vampires that we cannot really out of our lives, so here is my top tips to deal with them, if you, like me, have an energy vampire as a grand mother (or boss, or mother, or relative or employee):

Tip 1: Do not engage into their negativity

Tip 2: Limit how much time you spend with them

Tip 3: Let the energy vampires know what you won’t tolerate

Tip 4: Suggest to them things they can do to make themselves feel better (instead of using your energy): go for a walk in nature, meditate, get professional help, watch a funny movie or learn to play an instrument.

I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to message me through this website if you would like to work with me and have more questions about energy vampires.

To your success,

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