Michelle B


My session with Ange was incredibly useful and insightful. With no background knowledge of me, I was taken aback about how accurately she could describe the essence of my life’s work. (It’s nowhere to be found on the internet). Ange helped me address some key barriers. What is most exciting is the shifts that have occurred in the week since my session. A lot of clarity has emerged, new concepts and ideas that I have been waiting for, heaps of energy for completing a book I have been working on and the confidence to increase my fees by 50%, after specifically working on  this.


Karin Schluter Lonegren


I had a reading with Ange de Lumiere last month). Very quickly Ange came up to the crux of my problem relating to my work. Fear held me back to fully develop and embrace my clients (literally!) because of imagined legal difficulties. Ange made contact with the Lords of the Akashic Records and a sound, practical and easy solution for my fear-problem was found. Also working with my guides and trusting that the right clients who need this kind of healing will come to my door. Then we did a healing session, to remove the cords to the fear. It felt all so good and solid, to the point and easy to do. I still feel the energy of our session together and with great confidence I follow my path!

The Netherlands

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Isiah Mckimmie


With Ange’s wisdom and support, I have been able to start writing my memoir this year. It’s both personally and professionally exciting, invigorating and eye opening. I have been wanting to do this for years, but it is only with Ange’s support that I feel I CAN do this. What surprised me the most is how much this has boosted my business. I cannnot recommend Ange highly enough.

Couple therapist, sex therapist, sexologist and coach

Stephanie Kakris


I had two business akashic records readings with Ange and they both blew my mind. I discovered what book I should be writing, the chapter outline and how the book fits into my business. The second session took me by surprise because Ange told me that I needed to change direction in my business. It is a little scary but incredibly exciting because I know that this is the right path for me.

Success and High Performance Coach

Dominique Oyston


I did a book alchemy session with Ange. It was genuinely magic. I love it when you encounter someone who downloads ‘you’. In just one hour, she was able to describe what my first book should be about, its structure and its ideal reader. She also talked about the second book I wil be writing. I feel so inspired.

Personal confidence and vocal empowerment coach

Teresa Fino


I had my first business akashic records reading with Ange and all I could say when I hang up was OMFG!!! She turned the direction I was going in, the clients I am here to serve and my marketing right on its head. I received a much needed overarching strategy and a clear direction moving forward.

Author, Speaker and Spiritual Mentor