Terms of Service

The limited company, Maison de Lumiere, which is running this website is located in the United Kingdom. The company is registered at the Registar of Companies for England and Wales under number 6019271. It is represented by its founder who can be contacted through the contact form.

I, the founder, take a lot of care to provide valuable information but I cannot be held responsible for the use that you make of the information that I share on this website. There is no professional relationship between you and me unless you explicitly choose to work with me by purchasing my services and products. Any testimonials and promised results I may display on this website are based on my experience and those of my previous clients. There are no guarantees that anyone else will achieve the same results.

I may modify the information provided on this website at any time, including altering or deleting without notice.

I cannot take responsibilty for any viruses or any other damage which might occur as a result of downloading material from my website.

When I link to third party websites, I cannot be held responsible for the content of those sites which you visit at your own risk.

It is up to you to make an informed decision about the implementation of any advice given by me during one to one sessions, online courses and VIP packages, especially the information that I channel from spirit guides. Due to the constraints of UK laws, I need to say that any information that I present as coming from guides, angels, or departed loved ones, is given for entertainment purposes only.

The advice and guidance I provide my clients derive from over fifteen years of practice as a French business lawyer and over ten years as a psychic. However, it is not legal advice. It is up to my clients to decide if they think reasonable to apply this advice or guidance in their business. I cannot take responsibility for the consequences of the implementation of the advice and guidance. Nor can I guarantee any results. Clients who suffer from mental illnesses need to make sure that meditation is safe for them to practice.

The meditations I may provide as part of sessions are based on the best practice in clinical hypnotherapy. Should you listen to the recording of sessions, in particular the meditation part, please make sure that you do not operate machinery or drive a car at the same time. The same applies to the meditations for sale on my website and on thinkific.

In most cases, recordings will be provided of sessions but this is by no means a part of the services and should a recording not be available, this will not be a cause for refund.

As a general policy, I do not offer refunds on sessions, products or packages. Once a session is paid and booked, the payment is final. Appointments can be changed once by the client. There is no guarantee as to when the new appointment can be rescheduled, but I will do my best to provide an apppointment at my earliest convenience. As I do not work full time, it may not be in the same week. I reserve the right to reschedule an appointment in case of illness or injury of myself or a family member, as well as if my equipment needs unexpected maintenance or repair. Most of my services delivered online, and as much as I do my best to have a good internet service provider, I cannot be held responsible for occasional cuts or line suspensions that are out of my control. If I am aware of a problem, I will contact clients as soon as I am aware and discuss an alternative session as soon as possible.

Any services longer than a one to one session will be covered by a separate client agreement to be signed before the first session is booked. A draft agreement will be sent by email to the client and signed electronically.

I offer business akashic records reading. This service is unusual and clients need to make their own mind up as to whether my services are suitable for their purpose. It involves psychic guidance from the highest of vibration. However, clients seeking proof will not be satisfied. The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones who work in the Akashic Records work anonymously. If you would like to learn more about what Akashic Records readings are (and are not), I invite you to watch this video that I made on my You Tube Channel.

My coaching services are intended for entrepreneurs. They are not intended for the general public. Clients must be at least 18 years of age.

Any information shared on this website is my intellectual property. If you wish to share some of its content, please share the page itself. If you wish to use part of a page, please contact me for permission, to ensure that you do not use the information out of context and that it is used in a context that is compatible with my overall philosophy. No portion of this website may be copied or replicated in any form without my written consent.

If you share on social media, please link back to my website. The content of this website may not be used commercially or for sale.

All sessions and products must be paid fully in advance, except in the specific case of payment plans which will be subject to their own terms and conditions. Payments plans are only available for VIP packages. I accept bank transfers and PayPal payments. PayPal accepts credit card payments.

I reserve the right to delete or remove any comments on my blogs that I consider rude, offensive or innappropriate.

If you have signed up for one of my circles for an extended period of time but are breaching the guidelines for that circle (you can check the guidelines for the inspired business circle here), you will be excluded for the circle and cannot claim a refund on what you have paid to join the circle for that month, regardless of when you have joined and how many sessions you have been able to attend. If you have paid for more than a month, I will negotiate in good faith with you ways that we can resolve this issue but you have entered into this agreement with me knowing that my policy is a no refund policy and you have been made aware of the guidelines before joining, so refunding you is not actually a term of the contract between us. I will however, consider giving you a “credit” to be used towards either another programme (self study) or one to one session. This will all be subject to negotitaion and of course us wanting to continue to work together.

As my main office is in England and Wales, the applicable law to the terms and conditions of this website and to services and products sold through this website is English Law.

If you have any issue with this website or paid products or services I have provided to you, please contact me through the form below within at the latest thirty days of the delivery of the service of product you are dissatisfied with.  In your message, please mention the name I know you under (if not clear from the email address), explaining the service that your purchased, the date your purchased it and why you are dissatisfied. Let’s agree to stay amicable and try to resolve this issue through discussion and negotiation. I will make an genuine effort to do so on my part and will aim at responding within a 48 hour period of your enquiry, unless it is a week end or a bank holiday.

Thank you for reading my terms of service. Any payment you make through this website or my compay’s PayPal account implies the acceptance of these terms of service.

These terms of service were last updated on the 1st October 2018. Thank you for reading them.

Ange de Lumiere

Spiritual Lawyer and Intuitive Business Strategist