The Journey of the Slim Soul

Do you have a feeling that your weight or your body image is limiting your success?

I wrote the Journey of the Slim Soul in 2009 after going for a clairvoyant reading about a spiritual book I was writing, only to be told that I was writing the wrong book. The clairvoyant told me that I was suppsoed to write a book about slimming, which shocked me to no end as I did not consider slimming as a spiritual topic and was even slightly offended at the suggestion.
However, I trusted the clairvoyant so once I got over my ego’s hurt feelings, I got on the job and started writing it. The clairvoyant said that there would be great healing in it for me and she was right. I had repressed my issues around weight and body image as they were too painful and had a lot of baggage to unpack.

The Slim soul meditation is now sold separately

A wonderful way to programme your mind to create new habits to support your weight loss journey. This CD used alone can change your eating mindset.

The Journey of the Slim Soul is not an ordinary slimming book

It rests on sound principles of nutrition, hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and healing. It is the only book on the market that offers a 4D approach to slimming: heart, mind, body and soul.

I have observed that in the business world, a lot of women hold back on their career (or success) because of their body image or their weight. This impacts in particular public speaking but also for those of us who do not necessarily want to do public speaking, it impacts our visiblity.

When you carry extra weight, it is a lot harder to find professional looking clothes. Or we avoid that photo shoot that would help us promote our work in the right circles. I always encourage women to go past that feeling and just do what they are meant to do. In my private sessions, I help women work on confidence, body image and mindset issues.

But I also love recommending my book so that they can also work on their weight.

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The first eight weeks of the slim soul (self study course)

My book rests on seven golden rules and yes, it is mostly because slimming is actually a spiritual path. In order to help you further on your path, after you read the book (or in conjunction, I suggest you purchase my self study course called the first eight weeks of the slim soul.

Here is what one of my clients said about it: The Slim Soul course has really helped me to make some big changes to improve my health. Ange’s style of teaching and the space that she holds for her students is so effective and exceptional in making the needed changes and learning how to do it with ease and love.

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Here are some things that I have put into place because of this course:

Daily visualization, Captain’s Orders, Positive Self-Talk, Conscious Eating Habits and listening to my inner-knowing about my own needs. I have become more aware of negative self-talk and change it quickly, now I say loving & supportive things to myself. I stopped eating gluten and reduced my coffee intake in half – easily. I decided to not focus on slimming during this course because of health issues and therefore I focused on listening more closely to my body’s needs and supporting it. This course has been so beneficial to me during a difficult time with health concerns & given me the support that I needed to continue to tune into my body’s needs and truly care for myself. The support that Ange provided is really the best part of the course – she is so accepting and loving of all people and problems that you may bring with you. She lovingly supports you in this process. Kristina Deckard, Intuitive Strategist

Buy the first eight weeks of the slim soul for £99 only

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Visibility, body image and weight VIP Package

Reading a book is often not enough. I no longer run a slimming club but am happy to help female entrepreneur who feel their weight is massively holding them back in their business or career to release their issues around their body image, weight and visiblity. As a coach trained in healing, clinical hypnotherapy and EFT, I will encourage you to dig deep and offer you a safe space for your to heal yourself.

Weight issues can often uncover incredibly painful experiences that carry shame.

If you would like to kick off your visibility, I have a two week package currently priced at £600. In it, you will get:

  1. A one hour session with me to kick start the package: we will identify your blocks to visibility, the tools you need to overcome them, map out a visibility plan and do any necessary healing you might need in order to feel safe being visible.
  2. A two week period where you will have access to me 24/7 in messenger  whilst you implement your plan
  3. A half hour session at the end of the two weeks to review and revise your plan.

I only have limited numbers of these packages as I only work one day per week in my business, so grab your package here if you want to start soon.

Would you like to discuss my VIP package with me?

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How I work

I bring to my practice a wealth of experience and skills.

Although I always say it’s hard to describe a typical session, I can guarantee you that you will get what you need because I work intuitively and I taylor the support I give to my VIPs to their needs, session by session. I do not apply a cookie cutter formula. I work with spirit guides in the akashic records, which is the highest form of guidance you can receive which is always for the highest good of everyone.

The healing that you receive in the akashic records is like no other. I do energy work in the akashic records such as healing, cord cutting, chakra cleansing and generally work psychically. This is particularly important when my VIPs have deeply seated issues.

As a clinical hypnotherapist, I am ideally suited to help my VIPs work on their mindset.