The invisibility cloak in business

Entrepreneurs need to be visible to have success in their business. You can’t hide behind your business. People buy from people.  

If we have visibility issues, due to fears, we can show up on camera and yet, “cover up” our energy so that no one can see us. I knew that intuitively, but it is only when I actually disappeared on the replay of an interview I did in July 2019 on a Facebook livestream that it really hit home.

If you don’t believe me, click this link and watch. You can hear me but you can’t see me. Whilst you are on my YouTube channel, why not subscribe to it so you are always notified when I add new content.

Technology and the spirit world works very well together. Have you ever tried to send an email and no matter what you do, it won’t send? I know I have. Until I discovered that the spirit world loves sending me messages with technology, I found it frustrating. Now I know and understand that it’s probably my guides who are protecting me from mailing something that is not right. That gives me a sense of calm. If you’d like to learn more about the signs from the universe, listen to episode 1 of my podcast on Apple podcast here. If you are on Android, look for the Intuitive Revolution in Business.

If you are showing up consistently on social media and have done it for at least six months and still see no traction in your business, you may need to look at your invisibility cloak. If you have any underlying beliefs or something going on beneath the surface that impacts your visibility, your ego will ensure nobody watches your videos. When I first started showing up in the beginning stages of my online business, I was so scared of people trolling me because I talked about psychic stuff. It scared me because I was afraid people would call me a fraud and things like that. That was one of the reasons why my ego was keeping me invisible. I also learnt that I am sensitive to people’s moods and have instituted a daily energy routine to manage that. I have a protector guide who helps me not be affected by other people’s energy. 

Here are some of the reasons that we find comfort under our invisibility cloaks:

  1. Not having a clear niche
  2.  Not being aligned with your price or your offers
  3. Feeling like a fraud
  4. Not loving yourself physically
  5. Being afraid of trolls
  6. Not feeling safe being seen
  7. Hiding your business from your friends and family
  8. Fearing being ridiculed

Don’t be alarmed if you identify with more than 1 of the above. Awareness is the first step to toward change. Start doing the healing work. If you find it hard to do on your own, hire a mindset coach. If you’d like to work with me, my two kick start package will help you to identify the root cause of your visibility issues and help you heal them. Click here to purchase it. Choose the one that’s most important to you.

Visibility is much more than showing your face on camera.

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