The Intuitive Revolution in Business is here

A book written by a mergers and acquisitions lawyer that will change your business and life forever

Why not join our book launch in person on the 18th of November at 5 pm at the luxurious Aztec West Hotel right at the junction of the M4 and M5?

There will be wine, and good company. If you can't make it in person, you can also join virtually. You can buy a regular ticket including a glass of wine at £15 or a VIP ticket that includes a signed copy of the book, a decision journal and a 15 min reading with me. Keep scrolling to purchase your ticket.

In 2006, I left the legal profession after a year long battle with my employer. My disconnect started a few years before that. I had a thriving career that took me all over the world. I took part in negotiations in deals that most of my peers would have died to take part in. I was at the leading edge of my profession. And yet, I didn't feel satisfied. I yearned for more. I yearned for MEANING and PURPOSE. And no matter how much I dug into what I did, I could not find anything that nourished my soul. Even in the last years of my career, when I was a knowledge manager in charge of training for a team of lawyers spanned over 17 countries, meeting people from different cultures and helping them to work together, it still didn't feed my soul. I needed more. I had to leave the corporate world to get it.

You don't have to leave your job or give up on your business to feel a sense of purpose. You can bring it to you and you can do it now.

Your intuition can show you how to bring more meaning into what you do so that you feel a sense of purpose. I now ear a regular £2,000 a month by working one day a week in my business and home educating my kids the rest of the time.

Option 1: £15 - includes a glass of wine and an opportunity to purchase the book and the decision journal after my half hour talk about the intuitive revolution in business.

Option 2: £77 - VIP ticket - includes a glass of wine, a signed copy of my book, a copy of my decision journal and a fifteen minute espresso business akashic records session. To check what these sessions are like, please visit YouTube here.

Testimonials for the Intuitive Revolution in Business

I loved the first three chapters of your book, The Intuitive Revolution, Ange. Your definition of what intuition is "a form of intelligence that does not require thinking" resonates deeply. As someone who kept my intuition in a seperate box during my 'successful' corporate career before becoming an entrepreneur, I completely understand the power of allowing our intuition into the mix and the difference it makes in life and business and our entire experience of it all. Thank you for shining a much needed light on intuition and the revolution that will fuel brilliant businesses and lives of the future. xx

Nicola Huelin, multi award winning coach, author and founder of MPower

I love your book Ange, because it’s not any old ‘get lost in the business books aisle.’ This book is different. It is not what you expect of a traditional business book. It offers a new perspective for an age old resource in business... OURSELVES!

Ali Williams-Hodgson, author at Raw and Completely Beautiful

Wow - Ange I saw the cover and I saw it’s magnificence. How remarkable and so truly needed to evolve and revolutionise intuition in business. I love the first drafting, every word holds a powerful energy that connects to the subconscious mind… beautiful work xxx

Kelly Vikings, Divine Business Leader

What did the Intuitive revolution bring me?

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Before: success on other people's terms

Long hours that did not allow me to be the mother I wanted to be. Pressure. Unnecessary meetings. Extraneous travel. A work load that was ridiculous. Pressure to stay long hours that did not match with my child care.

Stress. Worry. Being at the mercy of someone else's decision.

The need to fit in and do things the way other people do.

Disconnection from my true spirit. The need to conform to fit in.

After: Success on my terms

Working from home.

Home educating my beautiful children.

A podcast that ranks in the top 5% global rankings. The most gorgeous VIPs whose businesses fascinate and excite me. Being unapologetically me in my quirky autistic way.

All that, working one day a week in my business.


What can the Intuitive revolution bring you?

Confidence to create success on your terms

An understanding of what intuition is

A peek into the bigger picture (yes, past lives too)

A renewed sense of passion

A sense of purpose

Clarity on your direction

Help to get back on track

Daily inspiration

A sense of coming home to your soul


Available for sale online from the 18th of November

The book comes with a companion workbook that gives you the seven golden steps to make empowered decisions in your business by blending your brilliant mind and your intuition into what I call intuitive intelligence, the highest form of intelligence. Click on the images below to purchase.

P.S. the links will work on the 18th of November.

Self Study Course

Create your own powerful business book club

Russell Brunson, the founder of Click Funnels, lists reading books as the number one daily habit for his becoming a multimillionaire.

Books are powerful, but did you know that being part of a book club is equally as powerful because it makes you part of a community and holds you accountable.

If you are interested to create your own business book club with a group of entrepreneurial friends, why not sign up to become a representative of my Brilliant Business Book Circle?

VIP package to write your transformational book

I love helping clients who have transformational books in them, whether these are business books or memoirs - a book can create that know like trust in your business as well as establish you as an expert in your industry.

I have written a memoir myself (as you know) and two business books. I wrote and published my first business book in 2009, when I was a clinical hypnotherapist, specialised in helping women lose weight. It is called Journey of the Slim Soul (you can learn more about it on this website under the book tab).

I wrote and published that book in eight weeks after suffering from a ten year writer’s block. Training in clinical hypnotherapy not only allowed me to help clients transform lives, it transformed my life as an author too. The way I wrote changed dramatically. The words flowed through me. And that first self published book signed me an agent.


I am in the process of writing my second memoir and more excited than ever. I can help you two. Regardless of whether you want to self publish or go for a publishing deal, I am your girl. At the start of the three month package, we will meet weekly to set the foundations of your book and your writing journey. Then I will meet you every other week whilst you get writing, but you will also get 24/7 online support. As a bonus, you get one of my self study courses (the one mentioned above or any other of my four courses: tarot for business, energy intelligence for empathic and sensitive entrepreneurs, the first eight weeks of the slim soul or prosperity booster).

You can write your first draft in two months with only half an hour per day. Or… you can go and isolate yourself for a week and write it in that week.

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