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In this episode I share with you who this podcast is for: Ambitious female entrepreneurs who suffer from imposter syndrome and who want to create a business that lights them and finally enjoy the success that they deserve. I also share who this podcast is not for. I introduce you to my EPIC framework. 

I share with you what to expect in the launch period and after, when things settle down a little more. We will be holding a launch party in my free Facebook community called Business Intuition for Female Entrepreneurs on the 14th of June 2021. This will give you a chance to meet the eleven female entrepreneurs that are taking part in the launch. Every day after the podcast goes live, there will be one interview per day. 

Once this launch phase is complete, the podcast will come to you on a weekly basis with the following pattern: 

  1. Teaching & News
  2. Guest
  3. Book of the month
  4. Q&A

Whenever you have a question about an episode, please head over to my page here and either message me or post your question under the relevant post. 

A little bit about me. I was a mergers and acquisitions lawyer for fifteen years, travelling around the world until I branched out and did my PhD in Intuition. My biggest achievement with my intuition is to have avoided a deadly bomb attempt in Paris in the 80s. I love laughing, reading, eating dark chocolate and home educating my kids. 

I am on a mission to put intuition on the school curriculum from primary school all the way to University level, starting with business schools. I want intuition to become mainstream and for every CEO to ask its C-suite directors “what does your intuition tell you?” after being presented with the data. 

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Bonjour! My Name Is Ange De Lumiere. I am your Business Intuition Guru.

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