Episode 1: Signs from the Universe

When we start our journey with intuition, the easiest way to get guidance is to ask for a sign. In this episode, I will share with you examples of how signs can show up in your life, and the six most common types of signs you can receive.

Signs will always be subtle because the Universe respects free will. So if you are determined to ignore signs or to discard them as coincidences, it will not interfere with your beliefs. The first step then, is to decide that you are no longer believe in coincidence and you are going to choose instead to believe in a bigger picture. You are going to open your mind to the fact that the Universe is intelligent.

You will likely miss signs when you start. And that’s OK. Luckily, the Universe always gives you a second chance. Unless you believe that it doesn’t, in which case, the Universe will present to you the evidence to back up that belief. It’s tricky like that. When I went down to Bournemouth to take my son to University, my Dad gave me a giant neon sign that he was with me and I missed it. If you listen to the episode, you will find out what it was. I was lucky that my Dad gave me a second chance the next day. And that nearly made me cry.

Here is a list of the six main signs that the Universe is likely to put on your path when you get started: feathers, numbers, car plates, names, songs and conversations. It’s up to you to find what these mean. Because signs will always speak to your view of the world. And signs come in three shades: Universal signs, cultural signs and personal signs. This is something I discuss more in depth in my Tarot for Business self study course. If you would like to come and share a sign that you have received in my community of wonderful female entrepreneurs, click here to join it on Facebook.

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