Espresso fifteen minute session with Ange

Do you have a burning question that no matter how much you weigh the pros and cons, you can't seem to decide which way to go? Do you wish someone would look into the bigger picture and tell you what will be for your highest good? My fifteen minute espresso session is for you. I have given people clarity that had been eluding them for months, if not for years.

My 15 minute session with Ange was so affirming and full of Love.Ange was incredibly insightful and kind and the session gave me a huge boost that I am taking the right steps to achieve my big audacious dreams. - Heather Robinson, Planning Coach

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The Intuitive Revolution in Business Book

My book will help you understand what intuition is and how to distinguish it from superstition, worry, fear and imagination. It will fill you into the bigger picture of entrepreneurship and open your eyes to the idea that businesses have souls. And it will give you some practical advice on how to integrate into your business so you can achieve success on your terms.

I invested well over £8,000 in my intuition both in currency and in experience to bring you this book. Thirty years in the making, it blends the wisdom I acquired in my fifteen year as a thriving international mergers and acquisitions lawyer, to my experience as an entrepreneur and professional tarot reader, without you having to meditate for hours, wear crystals or give up on coffee or wine.

I loved the first three chapters of your book, The Intuitive Revolution, Ange. Your definition of what intuition is "a form of intelligence that does not require thinking" resonates deeply. As someone who kept my intuition in a seperate box during my 'successful' corporate career before becoming an entrepreneur, I completely understand the power of allowing our intuition into the mix and the difference it makes in life and business and our entire experience of it all. Thank you for shining a much needed light on intuition and the revolution that will fuel brilliant businesses and lives of the future.- Nicola Huelin, Multiaward winning coach and founder of MPower


Decision Journal

When it comes to making decisions, we can use our minds and weigh the pros and cons. This often lead to crippling moments of indecision, especially if you lack confidence in yourself. This is very common and can stem from not having enough experience in an area of business or perhaps because we have made bad decisions in the past.

To help you get unstuck, I have created a decision journal that gives you the seven golden steps to making decisions with your intuitive intelligence. This is a printable that you can use again and again.

The decision journal has definitely helped me to get the guidance I need on decisions for my business. It’s very practical, taking you step by step through the approach and can be printed off to use as a journal. I found it particularly helpful for ensuring I am asking questions in the right way and the different methods you can use to help get the answer. It’s a fantastic tool which I have used several times already and will continue to use to support me with decisions in all aspects of my life. Thank you, Ange! - Jo Uff, Personal Coach


My Father Who Art in Heaven Memoir

My Father Who Art In Heaven is not ordinary memoir. Written by Ange about the journey that she took on with her father in the last months of his life and the following year, it illustrates that it is never too late to make peace with your dad. Peppered with beautiful scenes at the heart of Paris, where Ange was born, this memoir will make you laugh, cry and everything in between. It will show you that magic exist and that death is just a word. It will also tell the story of how dysfunctional families manage grief and how to survive them

The descriptions of Paris – the park where you walked him, and the morning run are both wonderful. Your writing is so alive with smells, and delicious details of the differences in style between your mum and dad. It was fun to visit their apartment, at the same time, deeply touching to feel your emotions and welling grief. When you arrive home, to your family, the kids embrace is such a relief after the enormity of your visit. Brilliant writing. - Kate

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Ange's Fabulous Business Oracle Deck

An oracle deck specifically crafted by me, drawing on my fifteen years as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer and fifteen years as a tarot reader and teacher. A deck that will help you tune into your intuition and to the energy of your business and thus help you create success on your terms with much more ease and much lesser hustle than you have ever done before.

This deck purposefully has not booklet to go with it, so that you rely more on your intuition and on journalling than on what I would have to say about each card.

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