Episode 4: Nicola Huelin’s story of intuition

When Nicola Huelin was offered an accelerator programme in her twenties in her corporate marketing role, she was thrilled. She loved her job and had been working very hard for her success. On the first day of this programme, the trainer shared a metaphor that spoke so deeply to Nicola that she realised here and then that she needed to leave her job and do something different. On paper, it made no sense, but she knew she had to listen to that little voice in her head. She didn’t call it intuition though. Just a feeling. 

Nicolas was lucky that one of her first bosses was quite spiritual and she recommended the book the Alchemist by Paolo Coelho which set Nicola on a journey. 

In the past nine years, that voice has got stronger and stronger and Nicola uses it more and more. It is that voice that showed her that her mission was to empower a million mums in business and led her to create Mpower. She calls it flow. When everything flows and things fall into place. She believes that coaching, mentoring and training has the power to change the world.

Nicola is an Award-winning, certified Business Coach and Mentor. She is the author of the Invisible Revolution (listed in The Independent’s 10 best business books written by women), TEDx speaker, regular business columnist and founder of Mpower for Mums in Business. Nicola’s work has been featured on international TV and Radio. Nicola holds an Honours degree in business economics with a specialism in Marketing from Southampton University, postgraduate qualifications in business and is a registered member with the Association for Coaching.

You can find here on Instagram and on Facebook. She has two website: www.mpower.global and www.growyourcoachingbusiness.co.uk.

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