My Inspirational Books

My work as an author is an integral part of who I am.

My books are linked to the various stages of my business that I have navigated. I also love to support my clients who have decided that writing a book is part of their business strategy. In this context, I can guide their journey as I have well over twenty years of experience as an author.

My first published book, the Journey of the Slim Soul, was born of my first business as a clinical hypnotherapist. It is available for sale as a paperback from this website (it is not available on amazon or other online platforms). Check out te dedicated page for The Journey of the Slim Soul here.

My second published book  is a memoir about the last months of my father’s life. In it, I walk the talk of trusting that everything is always perfect and that the Universe always has my back. Again, it is only available on this website. Check out the dedicated page for My Father Who Art in Heaven here.

I am currently putting the finishing touches to The Intuitive Revolution in Business, my latest book. When it is ready to be purchased, you will find the dedicated page under this tab.

Coming Soon

Coming soon: The Intuitive Revolution in Business

A guide for brilliant entrepreneurs who want to create a business that lights them up whilst working less and having more fun.

It draws on my experience of using my intuition in combination with my strong logical mind, to carve my own path into entrepreneurship.

There are three parts:

Part 1 - Understanding intuition

Part 2 - The bigger picture

Part 3 - Practical intuition

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My Father Who Art In Heaven

In 2008, my father was diagnosed with a brain tumour. I knew it was the modality he chose to leave this earth. In the fall of 2013, his tumour took a turn for the worse and he started going downhill. We had planned to visit him in France with my husband and my younger two children (then seven and two) but given that I wasn’t sure what I would find, we decided that it would be best if I went alone. This is where my memoir My Father Who Art In Heaven starts. This first trip to visit him as he started to lose both his speech and balance and needed a wheelchair for the first time in his life.

My Father Who Art In Heaven is not a morbid book. It is a story of magic, love and forgiveness. It will help everyone transform the way they see death and dying, as well as help readers know how to react to a diagnosis, deal with relatives and generally face their own fear of death.

The moral of my memoir is that it is never too late to make peace with your dad.

The Journey Of The Slim Soul

In 2019 I celebrated the tenth anniversary of the publishing of the Journey of the Slim Soul.

What is inspired me? My own frustration at all the diets out there that do not work. I had been struggling with body confidence and a feeling of being fat all my life. My mother put me on a diet at the age of twelve when I was not even fat. She and her mother were obsessed with weight loss. My mother was almost always on a diet. We had the same body shape, unlike my sister, so she enrolled me into her crazy eating habits. I know she meant well. She thought she was doing me a favour but instead, she destroyed my self confidence. I later learnt that she had been suffering from anorexia when she was younger.

The Journey of the Slim Soul offers a holistic approach to slimming without dieting, strenuous exercise and calorie counting. It offers seven golden steps to slimming, the first one being to love yourself as you are today.

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