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Ange has had multiple interviews on  the radio and on podcast since starting her business and her career as an author in 2009. Hosts love both the variety of stories that she shares as well as the way she shares them. Ange is an original thinker who combines a strong intellect with a powerful intuition. People often comment on the specific quality of her voice and her subtle French accent in English has had many listeners under her spell.


Radio and Podcast interviews

Ange has been interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol for her first book launched in 2009 and loves to speak on podcasts.

Her favourite topics are: intuition, energy, prosperity, business akashic records, energy vampires, signs from the universe, business spirit guides, spirituality in business, writing, books, her experience of immigration, autism, being a parent of a transgender child, languages, cultural intelligence, traveling, single motherhood, tarot and business, in no particular order.

Ange is on a mission to empower thousands of entrepreneurs with intuition.

Because she knows the intuition is what will make businesses more successful on a whole new model that will respect the needs of the economy, employees, customers and the earth. Intuition is here to create a new paradigm of success on our own terms.

Her bigger mission is to put intuition on the school curriculum because it saved her life.

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Ange is available for podcasts and expert gigs

Watch her four steps to trust your intuition webinar on YouTube here

by Ange de Lumiere

Her deck draws on....

Ange created her own deck of business oracle cards in March 2020

Her fifteen career as a business lawyer

Her experience as a business owner

Her years of experience as a reiki master

Her life long practice as an artist

Her ten years of experience as a professional tarot reader

Her experience as a tarot teacher

Meet Ange De Lumiere

She does regular live readings with her cards in business groups and on her page to help entrepreneurs tune into the energy of their businesses and find out what their businesses want them to focus on.

There is nothing quite like Ange's work on the market.

Business Visionary

Ange combines her fifteen years as an international business lawyer with a PhD in intuition. Her main modality is business akashic records readings. She tunes into the energy of your big vision or your business and is able to see the big picture as well as the fine detail.


Ange has authored books in multiple genres, from novel to memoir to non fiction. Her latest book, the Intuitive Revolution in Business is to be released on the 18th of November 2021. Her style is easy to understand and makes her readers feel that they are sitting in a room with her, having a cuppa. She has a knack for making complicated things simple.


Ange's new podcast, the Intuitive Revolution in Business, has reached the top 5% global rankings in the week of its launch and has remained in it ever since June 2021. It operates on a four week cycle of topics related to intuition and Ange's framework, Intuition Stories, Book reviews and Q&As.

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Professional bio

After graduating first of her year in law at the University of Paris Sud, Ange went on to a very successful career as a business lawyer. She started in one of the magic law firms in Paris, then moved onto a multinational telecom operator in the mergers and acquisitions department. Fluent in three languages, she travelled most continents as part of her career.

in 2005, she lost her job to a restructuring and had to reinvent herself. Her passion for past lives led her to train as a clinical hypnotherapist, but before she knew it she was exploring reiki, tarot, animal communication, mediumship and more. She also went to hundreds of clairvoyants to study how they worked. She came back with a wealth of knowledge that she now brings back to the business world to help entrepreneurs who want to use intuition to have an easy, fun, magical and purposeful journey to success.

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A couple of weeks ago, I started listening to Ange’s High Vibe Monday podcast. Now I have finished 30 episodes. I am amazed by the quality of the podcast, especially the depth and the level of details in her content. Ange has never held back to share her golden nuggets to her audience – her tools and experiences developed over the years with detailed action steps explained in her episodes. They are very practical tools too. I shall say each episode can be easily turned into an information and value packed webinar.

Inspirational speaker

Personal bio

Ange moved from Paris to London in 2001 with her two elder children then 6 and 2, leaving her husband of twelve years. Her work then lead her to move to Bristol where she met an English men with whom she had two more children. With four kids on the autistic spectrum, Ange de Lumiere had to leave her career to be able to be there for her children when and how they need her.

Since 2015, she has been home educating her youngest two. This has led her to take her business online and from there enabled her to thrive. Her big vision is to introduce intuition in every aspects of society starting with business then parenting, education, health and more.

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Inspirational Speaker On The Power Of Intuition In Business – Ange is an inspirational and expert speaker on the topic of intutiion in business – from developing forward-thinking business visions, innovative strategy to effective decision making and personal confidence. Ange’s 15 years of study and work in the field of intuition makes her ideally placed to talk about the role of intuition and how to access and use it in business (from large corporates to solopreneurs) and forging successful careers as visionary leaders and changemakers.

Executive Coach, Founder of MPower and author of the Invisible Revolution