Life in the vortex*, is it for you and your business?

The best way to manifest your dreams with the law of attraction is to be in the vortex, but what does that mean? Being in the vortex is being high vibe, as well as spending time in your akashic records (a modality I teach to my business clients in my one to one packages). It is the holding energetic space for all of your desires. The more you spend time in there, the easier your big vision will manifest. This is the revolution in business. Doing business with ease and grace. Being supported by the Universe. Feeling energised when you work and having the most amazing opportunities some your way as if by magic. That is life in the vortex.

Some people feel more worthy when they work hard for their success, so if this is you, then this blog post and podcast episode is not for you. If you would like more ease and fun in your business, keep reading.

How do you get in the vortex? By choosing to be happy no matter what, but words don’t mean anything. It is a vibe. Of course life happens. Of course we get upset. However, we choose not to stay in the place of upset any longer than necessary. This means that we fully embrace the negative feelings when they show up and feel them so they can actually leave our bodies and our lives.

From very young, we learn that when people ask you “How are you?” they don’t really mean to ask how you are. You witnessed maybe an adult that you loved say they were ok when you knew in your bones that they weren’t. At first it confused you, but in time, it became your normal (unless you had Asperger Syndrome, in which case you bluntly answered and still do which made everyone around you incredibly fidgety – but that’s for another blog post). By the time you reached your teens, you espoused this way of communication of saying something that did not match what you feel. This does not help your manifesting skills because, as I mentioned earlier, the Universe does not listen to the words you say, it listens to how you feel deep inside.

Getting into the vortex requires emotional intelligence.

It also requires knowing that happiness is a decision that depends on your thoughts. I share an anecdote in the episode of how I went from feeling really happy to feeling absolutely miserable in seconds last week end. And how I managed to get back into my happy mood but it took quite a bit of mindset work. You can do this through activities that make you feel good. I share in the episode the ones that work for me. I would love to know which are the ones who work for you. Please hop onto my page and share on day 9 here. Whilst you are at it, watch the introduction video for the challenge here. If when you click those links, you find out there is an error message, this means you are too late to join the January 2020 challenge. I am sorry. You can however, be informed when the next one will be live by signing up for my #lifeinthevortex newsletter here.

Have a great day…. in the vortex.

* The vortex is what Abraham-Hicks describes as the place that holds all of the things we want to manifest. I call it the Akashic Records and it feels like heaven.

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