Episode 5: Jo Bendle’s story of intuition

Jo had a career as an Executive Assistant in the corporate world in London and was yearning for a different life, made of freedom and fun. She branched out and started a business with the intention to be location-independent, a dream she brought to life 6 years ago.

Since then she has been making big and sometimes controversial decisions in her business – noticing when feels felt heavy and letting them go, helping her reconnect with her business and fall more in love with it with ever decision.

Even though Jo did not consider herself intuitive at the start of the interview, she gradually came to realise that the way she checks if something feels right is actually intuitive and she is a lot more intuitive than she thinks she is. Her process is to go to the beach or walks in nature to reconnect with herself. The beach is very symbolic for her because it was a big dream of hers to create a life that was near the beach, something she hadn’t had in the UK. 

Jo believes that if we trust ourselves, we can’t go wrong. Whatever has landed in our mind is there for a reason and it’s going to take us to the next step. Jo Bendle is now a coach and mentor working with women in business who know that they are meant for more. 

You can find here on Instagram and on Facebook. Her website is www.jobendle.com.

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