How to use the law of attraction to create the perfect business for you

As some of you may know I used to be a business lawyer, then I branched out into all sorts of esoteric modalities including mediumship and healing, until I asked the question “now what?”. The name spiritual lawyer came in an online conversation in facebook on a post where an old friend of mine was trying to explain to others what I actually did. They had mostly known me as a business lawyer and so my friend said “Ange is now a medium”, to which a resounding no came out of me. I wrote “I am not a medium, I am a spiritual lawyer” and so my title was born.

Being a spiritual lawyer means that I know about spiritual laws and the most common of those laws is the law of attraction. However, I don’t hear that much talk about it within mainstream business so I thought I would explore this concept in this podcast episode (for which this blog post constitutes the show notes).

There are five steps to manifesting a business energetically:

  1. Step 1: You express the desire to have a business
  2. Step 2: The Universe hears your desire and answers it
  3. Step 3: You allow the Universe to deliver that business to you
  4. Step 4: You keep the alignment with the business you desire
  5. Step 5: You appreciate when your business does not look like your ideal business because you know it takes you back to step 1 so that you can course correct what you really want

People who don’t know about the law of attraction have a tendency to want to get everything right the first time and beat themselves on the head when they don’t. The process of manifesting is actually very close to the spirit of doing business because it rests on the premise that everything is an experiment and that you learn as you go. There are no mistakes, only learning curves. At the same time, I believe that entrepreneurs probably don’t harness the power of this law as much as they could because they tend to get bogged down into the nitty gritty of their business when it starts to pick up and can sometimes lose track of the bigger picture. If that is you, I would love to work with you. Listen to the episode here or in iTunes to find out about a very special offer I have on at the moment.

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