How to trust your intuition

I love to say that intuition makes things easy and it does, but to actually trust your intuition is one of the hardest thing to do.

We are taught from a very young age to look to others for answers: our parents, carers, teachers and experts. We are not taught that there is a wisdom within us that we can access and that will always be right. We want assurances before we take action and because intuition does not give you those assurances, we do not act on it.

As a child, when you spoke about the gut feelings you got, you are likely to have been told “don’t be silly” or “you are too sensitive” or “what a lot of nonsense”. Later on in life, you might have heard “I think you are making a big mistake” or “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” How do you learn to trust yourself in those circumstances? Then you might have made a few mistakes in your life (not necessarily with regards to your intuition) and this created doubt in your capacity to make the right decisions. This would have sealed your intuition jar forever.

Trusting your intuition starts with trusting yourself. I am going to share with you four steps to trust your intuition now.

Step 1 – Keep an intuition journal

And the first exercise I want you to do it in, is to write down all the instances where your intuition was right. Half the battle is trusting in yourself, but you probably discarded all the instances where your intuition was right so when you need the confidence to follow your intuition, you get a blank. It’s normal. We have been trained to focus on what we do wrong rather than what we do right. I encourage you to save the link to this page and stop reading now. Go and grab a piece of paper and write down all the instances where your intuition spot on.

Second, record all the intuitive hits you get. I suggest choosing a pocket size notebook that you carry with you all the time, because intuition is like a butterfly. Unless you catch it when you see it, you are likely never to see it again. Write down what your intuition told you. Date your entry. And put your notebook back in your pocket. If your intuition needs you to act on it, be brave and do it. Then once a week, review your intuition journal and check what has turned out to be true. Sometimes things don’t make sense for weeks or even months. I share some examples in the podcast recording of what happened to me.

Also notice your dreams because often this is the first place where your intuition will communicate with you.

Step 2 – Understand how your intuition works

There are many shades of intuition. I have done an episode on the different shades of intuition. Click here to listen to it now. It is important for you to learn to recognise how your intuition expresses itself so that you recognise it. This is probably the most important thing after keeping an intuition journal. Most people do not see or hear the way professional psychics do. It is actually very rare. More likely is that you will have thought rather than sounds, or you will have an mental image rather than an image in front of you. The vast majority of us just have a sense of knowing. We know things without knowing how we do. This can be very confusing. Again, we get back to trusting ourselves.

Step 3 – Act on it

You will miss a chance to know if it is right if you don’t act on it. Or at least you will not reap the benefits. Plus if you never act on your intuition, then it is likely to fade away. Just like a muscle: people who go to the gym tend to lose muscle mass. Intuition need motion.

Step 4 – Learn to deal with the fears that will come up

Learning to deal with your mindset around intuition is the last piece of the puzzle. Know that you will doubt your intuition within seconds of receiving it. The ego mind will home in on it, like a missile on a target because it will feel challenged. Intuition rarely makes sense. People will call you irrational. I certainly have. And they won’t come and say sorry when you turn out to be right. It is normal to have this doubt. Know this and don’t ket it stop you from following your intuition.

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