How to be high vibe regardless of circumstances

Today’s episode on the podcast is about how to be high vibe in your business regardless of the circumstances. But first, I want to define what I mean by high vibe. High Vibe is not being irresponsible. It does not mean avoiding problems and pretending everything is ok and put a brave front, but it does mean having a positive attitude to things and being willing to see things differently.

To me being high vibe is experiencing a level of what I call unconditional happiness, which comes from trusting that the Universe has your back no matter what. This is a feeling that we are born with, but which gradually leaves us as we experience challenges. There is no use pretending we feel good if inside we feel like kicking, screaming, shouting or crying. Here is what to do to get you closer to that feeling of unconditional happiness, in four steps.

Step #1: Stop labelling everything as good or bad

We are conditioned by our peers to see everything that happens to us through the filter of good or bad. A divorce is bad. Losing one’s job is bad. Breaking a leg is bad. Receiving a gift is good. What if we tried to elevate ourselves above the good and bad level and looked at everything as an experience. And for those things that we would be tempted to label as bad, refrain from judging them and trusting that something positive will come out of it.

Let’s take the example of my Dad’s brain tumour. Say the word tumour and immediately, people think “bad”. I saw it as my father’s exit strategy. For years he resisted it until finally, he was ready to go and things accelerated. This is when I decided to look at it as an experiment. How could I face this situation with an open mind and an open heart? This question enabled me to make the most of my father’s last three months. And it was one of the most profound and beautiful experience.

Step #2: Refrain from complaining about what happens in your life

It’s a habit. People ask you how you are and you say “Not to bad.” No one likes to say that their lives is great because they might upset other people. Or simply, they cannot see anything great in their lives. This is where practising gratitude can be incredibly powerful. Instead of focusing on what is wrong: maybe you are unwell, you and your significant other had a fight, or you are worried about your child; focus on what is right: you have the power to heal yourself and you are going to find a way, you are ready to mend your ways to improve your health, there is something you can do.

Things started improving dramatically when I stopped confiding into everyone about my problems and instead decided to do what I could do and focus on more positive for the rest of the time. This does not mean that you should not seek help if you need it. This is very different, but not everyone needs to know about the problems that you are facing. Very few people need to, actually. And even, then you don’t need to talk about them every day. If you feel the need to, limit it to one person, to maybe half an hour and then move on. But there is something more important under that situation and that is what you think about it. This is step number 3.

Step #3: Acknowledge the fear or belief that is making the situation triggering

I shared the example of when I was faced with losing my job. As a single mum of two, and pregnant with a third child, it was something very scary. But the fear underlying my reaction was that I did not trust that the Universe had my back. Because I could not see how I could keep my house and continue to feed my kids, I let fear overcome me. With hindsight, I can see that the Universe had my back. I still live in my house and my kids have been fed, but I simply could not see how this could happen. Don’t worry about it, it is not your job to suss out the how. The only thing you need to be clear on is what you want. Most people can’t even settle on what they want long enough for it to happen. All they know is what they don’t want.

Step #4: Clear that fear or unhelpful belief

Once you have identified the belief that is making your react the way that you do, for example, in my case, the fact that if I don’t bring in the money, then no one else will, clear it. I didn’t know how to do that back then, but looking back, I would say to myself, I will find a way and the Universe will help me. What if the Universe could bring money into my life and it was not only up to me and hard work? And this is what happened. The financial crisis made the monthly payment on my mortgage drop significantly, I signed up for benefits and I retrained. I felt a huge amount of shame for signing up for benefits but in reality, it was again an unhelpful belief that had been deeply ingrained in me by society. The shame of not being able to cope on your own and provide for yourself. Again, this is a belief. And when you cannot find work because you are pregnant and your qualifications are not valid in the country that you live, there really should not be any shame in reaching out for the help that is available. Remember, I said to drop the judgment of good and bad. It was hard for me to do that. I wish I could go back in time and help my younger self not care so much about it. My sense of pride created these feelings of shame which in turn impacted my sense of worth. It was all fabricated by me and my beliefs. Instead, I could have been grateful that I had help coming my way. We can always reframe our experiences.

Step #5: Raise your vibe

Once you have worked on the belief that is holding you back, you can now use well tried methods to raise your vibe. The three most powerful ones are: music (not any kind of music, uplifting music), movement (dancing, jumping on a trampoline, etc) and watching something funny. I would say of all, laughter is probably the most powerful but having a good cry can also be incredibly power to release the pent up energy. This will allow you to bounce back.

Why should you care about having a high vibe in your business, you might wonder? Because when you are high vibe in your business, everything is easier and takes less effort. Maybe you take pride in how hard you work in your business. If that is the case, this work is not for you. But if you would like things to become easier, then you will want to implement the tips of this blog. Join our free Facebook community called the Intuitive Revolution For Brilliant Entrepreneurs.

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