How intuition can make your business remarkable

The most successful entrepreneurs credit their intuition for their formidable success, Steve Jobs being one of them. An article on Inc. states that leaders who won by following their intuition did so despite being called crazy. Innovation does not happen in committees where people discuss data. So what does it take to be that intuitive leader? Six elements.

  1. Not playing by the rules
  2. Have an unusual dream
  3. Obey your instincts
  4. Be obsessed
  5. Falling in love with your business
  6. Leave a legacy

So it’s combination of passion, rebellion, obsession and vision. And the secret sauce to this is intuition. Intuition is 100% more powerful when it sits on knowledge and research however, as Richard Branson says it so powerfully, it needs to go beyond. And he credits his dyslexia for helping him in not getting drowned into data. He and many other incredibly successful entrepreneurs make snap decisions.

The hardest part is often not getting your intuition to guide but trusting it enough to act on it because 80% of the time it does not make sense. Intuition without a plan remains a dream. It’s the stuff of visionaries who love action and taking risks and who don’t care enough about what other people think to water down their vision. It requires faith. Faith and business? Could this be the secret sauce to success? If you would like to build that confidence in yourself and your vision, why come and work with me as a VIP. Book a chat here so we can check if we are compatible.

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