How business akashic records can cut the noise in your business

There is a lot of noise in the online world and in the business world – lots of different business coaches with different and often conflicting approaches – and it can get overwhelming especially when you follow someone’s else’s guidance and it does not seem to work. The reason is that businesses are not entities that live in isolation from their environment, they come within an ecosystem made of you, your private life, your market, your clients and your purpose. This means that no one can offer a cookie cutter approach to business but this leaves most of us puzzled. How are we supposed to know what will work for us?

This is where business akashic records come in. For those of you who are familiar with Abraham-Hicks, business akashic records are the Vortex that Esther Hicks talks about so often. For those of you who are not, the Vortex is defined as the place where all your dreams come true. Accessing and staying in the vortex is the secret but how do you do that? This answers the question of how do you access your akashic records. The most important part is to work on your “vibe”. You have to be a match to the vibration of the Akashic Records, and this is probably not possible for the majority of us and then for the minority that can, they have variations in moods so this will not happen systematically.

But this can be learnt. Before we go into this, however, I want to spell out what can be gained from accessing the Records because if you cannot see the benefit of doing it, then you will not want to learn how to do this. The benefits are multiple, but I will try to be brief: by opening the Akashic Records of your business, you will be able to align with it which means that everything will flow, you will experience synchronicity and you will gain a level of clarity that many entrepreneurs would love to reach. You will also be able to see the big picture of your business and the smallest details (I use my own records daily to know what to focus on in my business each day). This enables me to cut out the noise but also do away with the doubt and overwhelm that can creep in when you don’t have that level of clarity and confidence.

I have been able to help clients refining their niche, their message, their market, their pricing and even down to which opt-in is most suitable to bring them the right clients. In a reading I did recently, I was shown that this client needed to do a five video series as her opt in. It is that precise. The way you ask questions is also crucial and this is why to start with, I would recommend working with a practitioner and not on your own. A lot of my clients had tried the method described in books but had not had the results that they anticipated. If this is something that interests you, I teach this in my VIP packages. Click here to book a discovery call to see if we are a good match. If you would like to experience a business akashic records session, you can book one here.

If you would like to read a book about how to read the akashic records, I recommend Linda Howe’s book.

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