Five reasons you may want a Business Akashic Records reading now

For the purpose of this blog, I will assume that you do not know what akashic records are and had no idea that they can apply to business. I will however, assume you have had at least one psychic reading in your life. Are you with me? I am also assuming you are in business, either as an entrepreneur with their own business, or at a fairly high level of management within a business and are needing some guidance. You could also be someone who is considering creating their own business but are still in employment. You could go to a business strategist and the advice you would get could be incredibly useful but then again, maybe not, depending on whether they tailored their advice to your business but also to your own style. If you go to a business akashic records reader, like me, the advice would not only always be tailored to you and your business, it would also be congruent with the bigger picture, aka your clients, your shareholders, your family and more. In short, the highest good of everyone.

Let’s dig in to the five reasons why you may want a Business Akashic Records now.

Reason #1 – You have had a really useful psychic reading for yourself in the past

You went to this clairvoyant and the guidance that you received was not only spot on, but also incredibly useful. Yes, there are a lot of those really helpful readers out there. Actually most of them are, but you would not go to that person for business advice because you don’t expect guidance to be available for business. Am I right? Well, I am sorry to say you are wrong. Such guidance is available. It is more rare but available and if you have found this page, you are in luck because I am one of those readers who do. I am not an ordinary psychic, I have a fifteen year career as a successful international business lawyer behind me. I have also created my own business so I know both sides of business, the entrepreneurial side and the bigger business side. And, I also happen to be a trained psychic with over ten years of experience as a tarot reader, and recently finished the Psychic Business Academy run by Carrie Cardoso, who also happens to be a psychic business strategist. We are a rare breed at the moment but my hope is that more and more of us will work in the corporate and business world to bring wisdom into the business world.

Reason #2 – You are at a point in your business where you have to make decisions and you are finding it hard

There are always numerous decisions to be made in business, but some feel more difficult than others especially if you are being called to change directions. But it could also be that you have successful in your business and have all the signs of a happy content life but deep inside you feel incredibly dissatisfied and you don’t know why. This could be because you have come off your path. That bigger purpose that you were born to embrace. Life can do that. It can take us off course. It happened to me. At the height of my career, I had every sign of success as an international business lawyer. I travelled the world. Negotiated incredibly exciting deals, yet deep inside there was something in me that felt deeply unsatisfied. I could not put my finger on it. Getting a business akashic records reading can answer that questions of “why am I not happy?”.

Reason #3 – You are intrigued by psychic readings but you don’t like the idea that your future is predetermined

This is a very common reason to avoid clairvoyants. You don’t like to be told what to do but at the same time, you are intrigued and would like to have a peek into the bigger picture, but because you have not been shown other options than clairvoyant readings, you are sitting on the fence or even sitting on your hands. The beauty of Business Akashic Records readings is that they are not like a clairvoyant reading. Although they can predict the future, it will only be based on what has happened in your life up to now and on the beliefs that you hold. They offer, however, much more. They offer different options and they will reveal to you what the different options hold for you in the future. This is one of the reasons why we do not ask yes/no questions in Akashic Records. We ask what, how and why. This is because Akashic Records are here to empower you. It is up to you at the end of the reading to make that decision. You will, however, have information at hand to make that decision that most people don’t have and believe me, this is incredibly exciting.

Reason #4 – You have been hiding your spirituality and intuition in the closet and want to use them to enhance your life

Although it is not necessary to be spiritual to benefit from a Business Akashic Records reading, I find that most of my clients, even though they are in business, have some sort of aspiration to do good and to leave a legacy. They might not consider themselves or want to be labeled as spiritual for various reasons, but they have high ethics and know they are here to make a difference. Somehow, they don’t quite know how. Also they often have had experiences that can be considered as psychic that they have never been able to share with others, either from fear of being ridiculed or because they believe it might tarnish their reputations as professionals. Either way, a reading can empower you and even give you a framework to use that intuition or those gifts safely without you having the need to change careers and become a tarot reader.

Reason #5 – You know that you have a big purpose but you wonder if you are imagining it or maybe even getting a big head and want confirmation

This is one of my favourite things to do. I have clients who have HUGE purposes in life that including changing their industry or even have a planetary impact, but they are reserved and dare not see themselves as big as they are meant to be. Or they think maybe they are exaggerating. Some already know but it scares them and they are afraid their dreams will never come true because their dreams feel so big. A Business Akashic Records reading can be a wonderful confirmation of these big visions, but what is also wonderful is that these big visions can also be broken down into actionable steps. We would be able to work backwards and bring you back into the now so that you know what the next step is, then the one after that. And very often, this reduces the feeling of overwhelm. It is also incredibly exciting to have your visions confirmed, especially if you don’t feel you can talk to anyone around you for fear of them judging you.

These are the five main reasons why you may want to have a Business Akashic Records reading now. If you have any questions, or if you think of another one, feel free to comment below or to reach out to me through my Facebook page, the Intuitive Revolution in Business

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