the intuitive revolution will change your business for the better

How can intuition change my business for the better?

Imagine knowing that you can access an inner brilliant entrepreneur in you that always knows what decisions to make, which allows you to create a business that:

  • has you work less for more results: no more burn out
  • energises you instead of draining you: goodbye needy and difficult clients
  • does half the work for you so you have more time for your friends, family and children: no more hustling
  • feels right: no more doubting if you are doing the right thing

Regardless of how long you have been in business and the kind of business you run.

Who wouldn't want that?

Everyone is intuitive but none of us have been given a manual of how to use our intuition by our parents or teachers because they were clueless

In fact, they did their best to disconnect you from your intuition by persuading you that they knew better than you because they were the adults, the experts and you were here to learn from them. Sounds familiar?

What if you had been born equipped with something far more useful than knowledge? An intuitive SatNav that was here to guide you to what was right for you and what was not which also helped you to detect when something wasn't right even if it was considered the truth by your parents, your teachers or your peers?

My book will help you understand intuition, explore the bigger picture and give you some practical tips. However, this is not your ordinary book launch. My book is here to create a movement that will change the face of business forever.

I don't know about you but I have always looked up to Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey

I wanted what they had, albeit perhaps on a smaller scale, and they all credited their intuition but never told anyone how to access their intuition.

On Thursday the 18th of November at 5 pm, at the Aztec West Hotel, near Bristol (UK), I will teach you how to tune into your intuition on demand. There are two kinds of tickets.

  • A regular ticket that enables you to access the first hour of the event so you take part in the experience that Ange will deliver to a small group of early adopters of the Intuitive Revolution (TM) and that includes a glass of wine, nibbles and a powerful presentation called The best SatNav System for the road to success on your terms
  • a VIP ticket that gives you access to the full three hours of the event and that includes a copy of Ange's book, her decision journal and a fifteen minute espresso business akashic records reading

You can always upgrade on the day.

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Combine your intuition with your business acumen to navigate any business terrain

Set your intent

Define your destination

Decide which way you want to get from A to B: fast, fun, or leisurely

Take action

A little bit about Ange's book

It is structured in three parts (Shakespeare and Steve Jobs would be very pleased):

Part 1 - Understanding Intuition 

Part 2 - The Bigger Picture

Part 3 - Practical Intuition

After the launch, the following products will be released:

  • An Intuition Tracker
  • A Decision Journal
  • A Business Oracle Deck
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I loved the first three chapters of your book, The Intuitive Revolution, Ange. Your definition of what intuition is "a form of intelligence that does not require thinking" resonates deeply. As someone who kept my intuition in a seperate box during my 'successful' corporate career before becoming an entrepreneur, I completely understand the power of allowing our intuition into the mix and the difference it makes in life and business and our entire experience of it all. Thank you for shining a much needed light on intuition and the revolution that will fuel brilliant businesses and lives of the future. xx

Multi Award Business Coach, TEDx speaker and Author

A little bit about Ange


After Ange ditched her incredibly successful career as a global mergers and acquisitions lawyer, she went on a mission to find the right career. This took her on what she calls her PhD in Intuition from the University of Life.

She is now on a mission to make intuition mainstream in business so that all entrepreneurs live their best lives, creating a ripple effect and making a better world.

A powerful story teller, Ange will inspire you and help you see your business in a completely different light. As she accesses the Business Akashic Records, she is able to see the true potential of your business and help you stop thinking small or limiting yourself. She has helped countless entrepreneurs start their businesses, trust their visions and find the right strategy that got them the results they had long been waiting for.

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Ange is the gift that keeps giving.

Business broker at LINK Business Tasmania

Cheng Xu


A couple of weeks ago, I started listening to Ange’s High Vibe Monday podcast. I am going to be in her coaching program, so I thought I’d better gain more understanding of her teaching and herself. Now I have finished 30 episodes. I am amazed by the quality of the podcast, especially the depth and the level of details in her content.

Ange has never held back to share her golden nuggets to her audience - her tools and experiences developed over the years with detailed action steps explained in her episodes. They are very practical tools too. I shall say each episode can be easily turned into an information and value packed webinar. 

Ange also loves using her descriptive stories in her episodes to help the audience better understand the point, especially for someone like me as I did not really understand energy or intuition when I first started listening. 

I strongly believe Ange’s business podcast will benefit many entrepreneurs. Intuition, energy, time, etc, those topics are not commonly discussed in other conventional business training or podcasts. But I believe they are essential in building the foundation of the business, especially if your business is in alignment with your big visions. Because you are the most important asset of your business.  


inspirational speaker, Cancer Survivor

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