Intuitive Business Podcast

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The Intuitive Business Podcast went live on the 14th of June and is in the top 5% ranking globally

Podcast guesting

If you are interested to be featured on my podcast, know that here are the criteria to be interviewed:

  • be part of my facebook community of brilliant entrepreneurs
  • have a powerful story of intuition in business to share
  • be signed up to my podcast newsletter

What will you get from listening to my podcast

It is here to inspire and help you use your intuitive intelligence so that you create a business that fulfils you and finally experience the success that you deserve by:

  • getting inspired by your business
  • connect to the energy of your business so that it guides you
  • resisting the shiny object syndrome
  • getting on top of your imposter syndrome
  • finally make decisions with ease and grace
  • implementing the strategy that is right for your and your business
  • avoid time wasters and fake business gurus
  • setting healthy boundaries in your business
  • connect to some awesome business guides that will do half the leg work for you

Why should you listen to my podcast on intuition?

After a fifteen year career as an international trilingual mergers and acquisitions lawyer, I branched out of the corporate world and became a clinical hypnotherapist and a tarot reader. This enabled me to understand how the mind works and how intuition works. I like to say that I have a PhD in intuition as my tarot reader career has spanned now fifteen years.

I am here to bring all that I learnt in my incursion into the psychic world back into the business world in a no nonsense, practical and pragmatic way. My tag line is you don't have to leave your IQ at the door, meditate for hours, wear crystals or give up on coffee or wine.

I have always felt that there was the psychic club and the rest of us mortals. And that the Psychic Club (I call them the Fluffy Unicorns) had been chosen at birth by the Psychic Fairy. Well what I found out is that we are all born intuitive and that using intuition in business is a superpower.

I am not the only one to say this. The Harvard Business Review has written that the higher up you are in a company, the more important your intuition becomes.And the New Jersey Institute for Technology has done a study that shows that 80% of companies that have doubled their profit in the past five years have executives that have above average intuitive skills. How fabulous is that?

If you sign up for my podcast newsletter, you will always be informed when a new episode is released, but also have a chance to be a guest on it. I have reserved the last spot in 2021 for my subscribers and if you sign up you will know how to be entered in the competition to win that spot.

What should you expect from my podcast?

We launched on the 16th of June and hit the charts in Australia, the UK and South Africa. We made it to 138 on launch day in the global charts. This was thanks to eleven amazing guests that were part of the launch team, and who shared their stories of intuition.

Now that the launch is over, here is how the weekly episodes will unfold:

  • training
  • guest
  • book review
  • Q&A

It is vital that you come and ask your questions on this thread on my page so that I have enough questions for the Q&A podcasts. The first one is on the 12th of July. Make sure you head over to my page to this post and ask any question you have either about the podcast, the guests, intuition or even business. I might just pull a winner from the people who do because teacher's pet.

And if you are an ambitious female entrepreneurs who wants to learn how to use her intuition in her business, join my group by clicking on the button below.