Are you a business mystic?

Do corporate/business mystics exist? Have you met some? Are you a business mystic?

What is a business mystic? Gay Hendrix (author of the Big Leap) and coauthor Kate Ludeman define them in the following way “Visionaries with their feet on the ground”. They offer twelve traits of character that all the corporate mystics that they have met have in common. Let’s see how you recognise yourself in them, below.

  1. Absolute honesty and consistency
  2. Fairness
  3. Self knowledge and emotional intelligence
  4. A focus on contribution
  5. Non dogmatic spirituality
  6. They do less to achieve more
  7. They call forth the best in themselves and others
  8. They are open to change and feedback
  9. They have a great sense of humour
  10. They can see the bigger picture and what is right in front of them at the same time
  11. They are unusually self disciplilned
  12. They keep an eye on balance in their life (home, work, self care, community)

Here is quote from their book that got me smiling “Corporations are full of mystics. If you want to find a genuine mystic, you are more likely to find one in a boardroom than in a monastery or a cathedral.” Do you agree with this? I met one in Thailand in my days as a corporate lawyer. We were had dinner with some members of government one night and I was sat next to a Minister (not entirely sure what Ministry he had but it could have been telecom or Home). We talked all evening about buddhism and he shared how he went on a silent week long retreat at least once a year. I was fascinated and excited. I realise today that this has started my quest and passion for supporting business mystics, in an effort to give the support that I did not have when I still worked as a corporate lawyer.

So what do you think? Are you a budding or confirmed business mystic? If you want to dig deeper into the topic and into why it is important to cultivate these qualities, listen to my podcast episode below.

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