Episode 3: Anna Parker-Naples’ story of intuition

In this episode, you will hear the extraordinary story of Anna Parker-Naples who was told after her third pregnancy that she would never walk again. This put an end to her acting career and left her devastated. One day, someone suggested she embraced a voice over career and she put all her energy into that, recording from an airing cabinet in her house, which was the only place she could access in the house with her wheelchair. Her story will inspire you and show you how intuition can supercharge your business and make you remarkable. At the end of her story, she shares what she would say to someone who is afraid of using their intuition in business. 

She ended up on the red carpet in Hollywood as a leading British voice actor for audiobooks, high profile video games and commercials. As the flashes blinded her on her way to receiving her award, Anna had an awakening. She wanted her message to be heard instead of someone else’s and she was meant for something bigger. And in that instant, she decided to leave everything behind. It was her intuition guiding her although she had no idea what she was supposed to do and what it would look like. 

Anna Parker-Naples is a global bestselling author of ‘Podcast with Impact’ & ‘Get Visible. She is host to popular podcast Entrepreneurs Get Visible, which is amongst the top 1% of all podcasts across the world. She is the author of Get Visible and Podcast with Impact.

Anna helps purpose-led entrepreneurs, coaches and leaders to amplify their message by launching impactful podcasts that fuel their business. She is CEO of The Podcast Membership & The Podcast Agency.

You can find heron Instagram and on Facebook. Her website is www.annaparkernaples.co.uk.

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