About Me

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Bonjour! My Name Is Ange de Lumiere.

I Am Your Spiritual Lawyer and Success Mentor

I am here to help you light up your career/business so that you can manifest that vision you are holding inside without having to sacrifice your health, your relationship or your sanity.

I have an insane vision: to put intuition on the school curriculum all the way from primary school to university level. I know, right. I have no idea how this is going to happen but I hold it close to my heart because intuition saved my life. Literally.

What is your vision? I mean the insane vision that you may have never shared with anyone else for fear of being ridiculed and told "Who do you think you are?" I am the person who will not only hear it but see it, in the records of your soul. I have done this for so many clients. They felt such a sense of relief that someone finally got them.

Also, I don't believe in hard work. If it feels hard, it's not meant to be. This doesn't mean that we don't have to put the hours in to manifest our dreams, but it can feel easy and it can energise you, rather than drain you. And that's where knowing how to use the law of attraction works.

If you are looking for a down to earth (I was a lawyer for fifteen years), funny, quirky and inspiring mentor to be your copilot on your journey to ultimate success, then I am your girl. In addition to this, I don't take myself seriously and I always walk the talk.

A little bit about me and why I might be the right person to support you?

A top lawyer in my field of mergers and acquisitions for over fifteen years, I pivoted and went onto what I now call my PhD in intuition from the University of Life after I left the corporate world in 2005.

I created a business where I worked one day per week so that I could be the mother that I want to be to my four autistic children. It involved home educating for seven years. Blending a sound analytical business mind with a bit of a mystic turned psychic, I love supporting entrepreneurs who know they are here to change the world, who might lack the confidence to dream big.

“There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honour your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.“

- Oprah Winfrey


You may be incredibly successful and wonder why you are not more happy.

Or perhaps you have followed your dreams but things are not working as well as you would like them to be.

Help is at hand. You can be very successful and still need guidance so that your life can be more fulfiling or so that you can achieve those big goals, beyond money. Make that impact. Leave that legacy. And that could be through writing a book.

Or you might need to clear some blocks that prevent your business from taking off despite you “ticking all the right boxes” because something in your personal life is holding you back. Or maybe even in a past life. Energy clearing is a big part of what I do, to enable you to do what you are truly capable of.

Your Purpose Is Calling You

Or You Wouldn't Be Reading These Words


Jax Palazzo


I recently had a few sessions with Ange, delving into the Akashic Records of my business. Wow, the experience was something else! I connected with my business guides, which has added a whole new dimension to my support team and how I’m operating on the daily. I feel more deeply held and supported than ever before.

We tapped into the ultimate vision for my work over the coming few months, year and 5 years.

What Ange uncovered resonated so deeply with me and fuelled me with practical steps on how to get there. I gained a level of clarity on my big vision that I hadn’t quite been able to access on my own. This is CRUCIAL for me at this stage of my life and work.

I felt deeply seen, witnessed and held by Ange in session. Working with you Ange was so inspiring and has set me well and truly on the path towards the highest potential expression of my soul purpose work.

Ange is as practical and grounded as she is psychic – no fluff here. Straight up clarity. In her own gentle and warm way. The perfect balance of nurturing and divine butt-kicking ????
I can’t thank you enough Ange for the infusion of magic that you’ve brought to my life and business – every purpose-driven entrepreneur needs this work.

Business kinesiologist

Tamala Ridge


Ange is slowly becoming such an incredible support and ally to me… She is a humble, beautiful and generous soul… she gives so much and offers her support so freely and unconditionally.

She is a quiet achiever and such a fabulous cheerleader for those around her. Her gifts and talents are too numerous to count and yet her humility astounds me… She has so much to offer this world – a world that is in desperate need of her special intuitive wisdom and guidance.

I had a channelled akashic reading from her about a year ago and her work has stayed with me ever since. Ange is so very pure of heart… I don’t know her very well but this I know to be true… Her heart shines brightly and there is no ego about her – pure meekness and integrity..

Please reach out to Ange De Lumiere – I know you will be so pleasantly surprised and actually quite blown away

Spiritual mentor and addiction specialist