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Imagine having laser clarity about your business direction and being able to:

Make important business decisions quicker and easier

Grow your business to match your vision with confidence and certainty

Fall in love with your business again because it’s so aligned with you


Meet Ange de Lumiere…

15 years as an international merger & acquisitions lawyer 

15 years as a tarot reader and teacher

15 years as a reiki master

Invested over £8,000 in her intuition and psychic gifts to take them to the highest possible level

Now combines her business acumen with her intuition into one skill called intuitive intelligence (the highest form of intelligence)

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Discover how to connect with your natural intuition without having to:

Wear yoga pants and meditate for hours

Give up coffee or wine or any of the things you love

Buy or wear crystals

The good news is you don't have to change. You can just be you!

Kristina Deckard


I purchased a session with her and after she blew me away in that session, I signed up as her VIP client. I had felt uninspired in my business for a while. I loved meeting with clients, but I knew there was something more that I was missing, and I couldn’t figure it out. During our first session, Ange connected me to my BIG vision. The vision resonated so completely and was something that I had seen for myself, but I didn’t believe it until Ange came along and showed me the way. Each session with Ange was a delight- she is a healer, mentor, teacher, motivator, and friend rolled into a smiling warm soul. She is magical and practical which is exactly what I need, and exactly the role model that I needed. She helped me to believe in myself and my business wholeheartedly. I am inspired and excited again about my business and my future and have no doubts in its success – in MY success, skills, gifts, and purpose.

Kristina Deckard

Intuitive Strategist


my EPIC WISDOM framework will power up your business

These are the 4 pillars that every legacy business needs in order to reach its full potential and Ange has all the qualifications and life experience to support you to strengthen them. Once the pillars are strong we can tackle the WISDOM part of the framework which helps you tap into your intuition.




Clarity, Courage and Confidence

My Framework

Tarot for Business 5 day challenge

A fun packed challenge to learn to use the tarot to make smart business decisions

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Confident Business Woman Who Uses Her Intuition To Make Important Business Decisions Scaled

Work with me to master your intuition

I help brilliant entrepreneurs who want to create success on their terms. I live a life by design where I home educate my children and work one day per week in my business. This wasn't always the case. I used to have an incredibly successful career as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer on terms that didn't fit my life. And maybe you are right now achieving success on other people's terms in your career but maybe also in your business. It is so common to recreate a "job" feeling in your own business.

Single Session (60 min)

A Business Akashic Records session will help you to tune into the bigger picture of your business and gain clarity

One hour £300

Kick Start (90 min)

Ideal for a defined project that can be implemented in two weeks starting with a planning in the Akashic Records session

Two week package £600

VIP Package (3 months)

This is suited for brilliant entrepreneurs who have a big vision and who know they need a strong internal navigation system

Three months £2,500

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This is for you if:

You have had some powerful experiences that you cannot explain

You want to have a mentor who can answer all your questions about intuition and spirituality in business, but don't want them to be too out there

You sometimes wonder about the bigger picture and would love to be able to have a peek into it

Imagine how it would feel to have:

Laser clarity about your business direction

Unwavering faith and confidence in yourself

A tailored actionable plan that excites you

A knowing your big vision is possible

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Jemma Wheatley


Having a Business Akashic records session with you has been the most insightful and clear sessions I’ve had, of any kind. I gained so much knowledge which I have been able to turn into power and put some wheels in motion to move towards my ideal business. It has given me to much direction and trust in myself and my guides that I can now see the path that I am meant to be taking. I had no idea what to expect going into the session but it was definitely anything beyond I could have ever imagined. I am now extremely excited about the next steps and cannot wait to see it all unfold. Without this session I still would have been trying so hard to figure out which direction to take and what to do next, it has taken all of the uneasy feelings away that I was experiencing before when I knew I wasn’t quite on the right path. Thank you Ange, this has been invaluable for me!!

Jemma Wheatley

Intuitive Healer