Episode 14: What are Business Akashic Records?

 In this episode of the Podcast, I talk about my main modality: Business Akashic Records. I start with a definition of spirituality and a definition of akashic records. Traditionally, akashic records are not associated with business, but more with mysticism. You can see, however, if you have listened to the episode two of the podcast where I am going with this. If businesses have souls, then we can conclude that they may very well have akashic records too.

Akashic records readings are very different from psychic readings because they rely on the principle of co-creation. Psychic readings, on the other hand, usually tell the querent what to expect of their future and can be disempowering. When you enter your records, you are shown different options and it is up to you to choose which one you prefer. If we link it to business, we can ask ourselves Do I want fast success? Or do I want time to enjoy life along the way? Do I want to be busy?

So many things can be found out in the records, from the big big vision to the smallest details such as niche, funnels and more. Planning in the Akashic Records is so powerful that I have created a stand alone training so that people can experience it for themselves. It was a training I delivered in the Business Intuition Academy, but which is now available for sale here. But it’s not just pure business that happens in the records. Sometimes entrepreneurs need healing or they might need help to remove blocks to success. That is something that is done too.

What is phenomenal is that whatever is happening in the Business Akashic Records is always for the highest good of everyone. There is no win-lose against a competitor for example. And businesses will never ask their founders to sacrifice themselves.

Most business founders have entered a sacred contract with their businesses before they incarnated. And they have chosen their whole life experiences for what it can bring to the business. For example, I now know that my business chose me because I am a lawyer by training and I am neither clairvoyant nor clairaudient. And I was able to make sense of that by reading my own records.

The last amazing benefit of having a Business Akashic Records reading for you and your business is that it will reveal to you your why. Your bigger purpose. It is possible for you to access your own records. I share in the episode what can help you do this. But it is likely to involve a lot more preparation that listening to an episode, so if you are interested in learning, why not book a session with me to discuss my VIP packages.

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