Episode 10: Tegan Marshall’s story of intuition


Tegan Marshall had a very rough start in life, but this did not stop her from thinking big. Rising from a childhood of abuse, poverty and homelessness to become an international business owner and luxury world traveler she truly believes if she can do it then you can too. She started her first business at 17 years old and has gone from strength to strength since. 

Tegan loves to help her clients plan a freedom lifestyle and turn it into reality. She does that by creating strategies that help them create an income that does not depend on them being in their business. This does not need to take time, it can be done with only one hour per day, as her friend Adam Houlahan demonstrates in his book The Secret Sauce. 

She has been traveling with her husband without having to back pack, blog or be an influencer for five years. COVID had her have a prolonged stay in Mexico, where she has a chance to eat gorgeous food and look at the sea outside her window every day. 

Tegan had never felt comfortable with the idea of intuition because she feared that she would lose her business acumen if she embraced it. Since working with Ange, her fears have been appeased and she is excited to be able to recognise her intuition when it kicks in and use it to get her clients wonderful results. 

lose everything she had and be in a AUD100,000 debt. She brushed herself off, learnt her lesson and has been thriving ever since. She now believes that intuition is the business secret sauce. 

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook. Her website is www.teganmarshall.com.au.

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