Q&A: what is the difference between intuition and psychic abilities?

This question was asked in my signature five day challenge on how to trust your intuition well over a year ago and frankly at the time, I didn’t really know. I do now. And in this episode of the podcast, I share with you the biggest differences between intuition and psychic abilities:

  1. Intuition is a gift we all have at birth. Psychic gifts on the other hand, are given at birth to only a few or are activated later in life by traumatic events.
  2. Intuition is subtle and respects free will. Intuition comes to enhance our purpose in life. Psychic gifts are usually part of life purpose of the person who has them.
  3. You can be intuitive without knowing that you are, whereas when you are psychic, there is no ignoring it. It’s in your face.

In this episode I share a powerful event where my intuition saved me from death. I am not kidding. I avoided a terrorist attempt on my way from work as a law student in 1986. Check the description of the event on the French Wikipedia here. It happened to be DESPITE the fact that I didn’t consider myself intuitive. What it did however, was prompt a life long passion for topics such as the meaning of life, reincarnation and soul paths. Why did I escape death and others didn’t.

I also share how I was mugged when I didn’t follow my intuition. My husband was ridiculing me for the fact that I did not want to get the car on my own in the Halles are of Paris. It was night. I had a feeling something bad would happen if I went on my own. And sadly it did.

With all that, though, I still didn’t believe myself intuitive because I thought there was only two categories of people: people who had the gift and people who didn’t. And I was definitely not in the first category. It was only when psychics repeatedly told me I should be doing what they did, that it slowly started to sink in.

Until your intuition is trained, it will come to you with negative information so we don’t really want to listen. Who wants to hear the bad news. But intuition also works in the positive. I was commenting on someone’s post and I had the inspiration to create a way to promote my oracle deck when I finally launch it.

It is important to have this conversation about the differences between intuition and psychic abilities so that more people understand that intuition is a tool that is available to all of us. There is a middle way for those of us who want to leverage intuition in our businesses without having to become psychic readers as our main offering.

As always, if you have a question, please head over to this post and ask it in the comments so that I can answer them on our next Q&A on the 9th of August. Thank you for reading.

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