Episode 12: Lauren Winzar’s story of intuition


When Lauren’s mum became seriously ill and had to move interstate to be closer to her extended family, she was enrolled into packing her mum’s house. It took her two weeks full time, working twelve hours a day. Her mum’s bookshelves were so full that they were at breaking point. And without knowing that this would become her business, Laurent caught the decluttering bug. 

Now, Lauren is a Decluttering and Organising coach and teaches people how to change their habits, strategies and their systems in their home and help them make decisions in their decluttering process for lifelong changes rather than to make it pretty just for today. She brings a light-headed and non-judgmental approach to decluttering, She cultivates calm and peace in her clients lives. Lauren doesn’t believe in ‘born organised’ and wants to help you learn the strategies that work for you so that you can curate your ideal life.

She helps her clients understand how they came to make decisions that got them where they are today and how to make them differently so that they can come out of it by themselves with support rather than trying to do it for them.

She always saw the spiritual, intuitive side of life as something that other people did and didn’t consider using intuition in her business. And yet, it is thanks to intuition that she turned what was a hobby into a thriving business. 

You can find her on Instagram and on Facebook. Her website is www.laurenwinzar.com.au.

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