Episode 13: Katie Allen’s story of intuition


Katie grew up as the fat kid, ashamed of her body and incredibly shy. Her Mum died when she was twenty in an unexpected way. It was of course horrific, but Katie learnt that you don’t get to redo things. And as a result of this, she decided to embark on a journey to love herself and her body as they are. This led her to travel from Canada to Australia, and become a certified health and life coach. She is a passionate about adding her own style to the body positivity movement, which includes being open to weight loss while embracing radical self love.

She is the founder of the Self Love Ignited podcast and the Body Peace Summit. She helps female entrepreneurs heal their body image to help them confidently be the face of their business. Helping entrepreneurs re-write the old beliefs about their body holding them back means that they can develop the know, like and trust factor with their audiences, develop real connections, and attract more clients with ease. 

Katie is at the start of her journey of intuition. Last year, she ignored her intuition and hired a mindset coach that came with glorious testimonials and pushy sales tactics. Katie’s gut told her not to hire her but the marketing did its job. And she got nothing from it. It wasn’t that the mindset coach was not good, it just wasn’t the right person for her. 

She now embraces her intuition by following what gives her joy in her business.

You can find her on Instagram and on Facebook. Her website is www.katieallen.co.

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