Episode 7: Jude Jennison’s story of intuition


When Jude Jennison decided to leave IBM in 2010 to create a business around horses, with no experience with them whatsoever, people told her, understandably, that she was crazy. Her knowing that this was the right thing to do was so strong, though, that it pulled her through the adversity that she faced at learning something the hard way. 

Jude specialises in non-verbal communication and works with a herd of horses to transform leadership and team behaviour. Results include an SME who grew from 25 to 38 employees in 9 months, a large recruitment company who turned a loss-making division into a profit in 3 months and an entrepreneur who made a breakthrough with sales, doubling her business in 6 months.

During lockdown, as Jude wasn’t able to work with her horses, she ran a series of very popular online masterclasses on leading through uncertainty.

Jude hosts 3 podcast – Leading through uncertainty, Rethinking Leadership and Innovating Humanity, the latter is the official podcast of Birmingham Tech Jude also runs Jude’s Leadership Academy, an online service providing digital course and downloads on leadership and team issues.

Jude is Founder of Leaders by Nature, a company developing leaders and teams through disruptive change with less stress. Jude is the author of three leadership books including Leading through uncertainty, based on interviews with CEOs as well as her findings from working with over 3000 leaders. Her new book OPUS: The Hidden Dynamics of Team Performance  is out in June 2021.

Her website is www.Judejennison.com.

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