Episode 16 Book review of Corporate Mystics

Gay Hendrix and Kate Luteman are better known for the best seller The Big Leap. In this week’s episode of the podcast, Ange wanted to review their less well known book called the Corporate Mystics.

The book starts with this powerful paragraph: ” Corporations are full of mystics. If you want to find a genuine mystic, you are more likely to find one in a boardroom than in a monastery or a Cathedral. (…) the best kind of mystics – those who practice what they preach – can be found in the business world.”

This paragraph is even more powerful in the context of the recent discovery of graves of indigenous children in Canada and the US, which were ran by Christian Churches, revealing a very dark agenda within religious institutions which governments knew and did nothing about.

There is also a lot of talk about Big Pharma, Big Food and various industries that have and continue to pursue profit for the sake of profit. We, as citizens and consumers, need to have our faith restored in humanity. I have personally, always valued actions over words and the Corporate Mystics brings to us a wonderful mix of practical spirituality as well as a manual for the modern mystic.

Gay and Kate list the twelve characteristics that Corporate mystics have in common:

  1. Absolute honesty
  2. Fairness
  3. Self Knowledge
  4. Focus on contribution
  5. Non dogmatic spirituality
  6. More done by doing less
  7. They call forth the best in themselves and in others
  8. Openness to change
  9. A special sense of humour
  10. Keeping an eye on the big vision whilst tending the detail
  11. Unusual self discipline
  12. Balance

The book also includes some practical tips and practices that can help you become a corporate mystic yourself. However, if you feel you want a mentor to work one to one with, why not book a virtual coffee date so we can assess if we are a good match. Here is the link to book.

Use this link to purchase the book on Amazon.

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