Episode 8: Emma Turton’s story of intuition


At 23 years old, Emma Turton had an extraordinary experience with intuition that she quickly discounted as it did not fit with her scientific background. It took her leaving her hospital and university lecturing positions and setting up her own business for her to start to look at intuition more seriously. As often happens, the signs came in louder and louder until she could no longer ignore them. 

Now that she embraces both her IQ and her intuition, her business has flourished. She is a medical intuitive who uses her intuitive eye to see inside her clients’ bodies and pinpoint the root cause of their illness or injury. She teaches them to heal from within guided by their physical and metaphysical body. 

She is the founder of Medical Intuition School where she trains people from various backgrounds either to become their own medical intuitive to heal their body or become medical intuition practitioners.

She believes that if we are afraid of using our intuition, we are blocking ourselves from our full potential. Her intuition has helped her open doors that needed opening and close those that needed to be closed. As a result of this, she has a more satisfying and fulfilling business and her business is filled with potential.

A two-time international #1 bestselling author Emma as a contributing author in Trailblazers: 27 Female Leaders Share How They Use Their Gifts To Guide Others and Awakening: Meet the Women Birthing a New Earth and award-winning university lecturer with 20+ years of clinical experience as a physiotherapist and nutrition coach under her belt, Emma teaches a world-class Medical Intuition Practitioner Training course that is set to change the global paradigm for health and spirituality.

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook. She has two websites: www.EmmaTurton.com.au and www.medicalintuitionschool.com.

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