Chocolate as a mindset tool

I am sure you are familiar with the idea that business success relies 50% on strategy and 50% on mindset. Business is an incredible path of self development. Intuition is very similar. It is at least 50% mindset. The reason is that our intuition will often feel weird or it will take out of comfort zone and we are creatures of comfort.

We need not judge this. It is actually a default mode that has kept us safe for thousands of years. It is wired into our brain. In this episode of the podcast I share with you everything I learnt about the mind when I trained and practiced as a clinical hypnotherapist and why that is crucial to your journey of using intuition in your business.

Understanding how the mind works is good for both our business and our intuition. So let’s dig in. Your brain processes your thoughts through the prefrontal cortex, in reaction to what you experience in life. If you have a negative thought about something happening, it will lead you to function from your amydgala, also called the reptile brain or the fear centre. The amygdala governs what I like to call the two Hippos: The hippocampus and the hypothalamus. This has a profound effect on both our biology, as well as our beliefs. I encourage you to read the seminal book by Candace Pert called molecules of emotion.

Our Hippocampus turns our experience into a narrative and creates beliefs to make sense of what happened to us. This is a wonderful thing, except if your beliefs are unhelpful. Most people believe all their thoughts. They even identify with their beliefs. The magic happens when you start to question your beliefs and ensure that you only keep the beliefs that serve you. This is entirely possible with hypnotherapy and mindset work.

You have been handed down numerous unhelpful beliefs about intuition: what it is, what it is not, whether you should act on it, etc. In order to take full advantage of your intuition, you need to clean up your beliefs around intuition, especially around using intuition in your business.

Because of those unhelpful beliefs, your mind is likely to try to poo poo your intuition within five seconds of you getting the inspiration. Mel Robbins explains this very well in her book, the Five Second Rule.

In this episode, I share how chocolate has been a powerful tool for me to trust my intuition but also the pluck out the unhelpful beliefs I had around chocolate so that I could trust my body’s cravings for chocolate. You can listen to the episode on all the podcast apps available or watch it as a video on YouTube here. If you have had an aha moment thanks to this episode, please share your aha moment on social media (Facebook or LinkedIn – which is where I spend most of my time) with the hashtag #intuitivebusiness and #podcastaha. Tag me if you can. And if not, screen shot your post and send it to me through my Facebook page.

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