Episode 11: Chantal Vanderhaeghen’s story of intuition


When Chantal had a car accident ten years ago, her world was thrown upside down. She suffered from PTSD, her business was affected, and she disconnected from her intuition. She was too much in survival mode to be able to see the bigger picture or tune into her gut. She was lost. 

Through her various businesses, Chantal has been able to refine her offers and now supports women without children at the critical point in their journey when they are told that they will not have children. She is passionate about her work because when she heard the news that she could not have children, she cried for half an hour and then she squashed all her feelings down. Because she never had the child she had dreamt of, she couldn’t see that she was grieving that child. She thought this was only allowed to women who had miscarriages, or whose children had died. And yet, she had all these bottled up emotions that needed to be acknowledged and healed and she wants to create a safe space for other women without children to be able to do that too. 

When Chantal was finally able to reconnect to her intuition, the Universe conspired for her to work with Ange. Ange was doing market research and Chantal put her hand up. And in the free complimentary session, Chantal asked Ange to tell her how to work with her even though she had sworn not to work with any mentors again because in the past it had often led to these mentors trying to impose their way of doing business and it was still too structured for her. Now she feels so much freer to also trust her intuition and creativity.

You can find her on Facebook. Her website is www.unfoldyourfreedom.com.au.

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