Episode 15: Guest interview with Ange de Lumiere

In this candid interview, Katie Allen talks to Ange de Lumiere, the Business Intuition Podcast host, to find out how she came to do what she does and get to know her personality, her values and her journey.

Ange de Lumiere’s business is here to serve female entrepreneurs, in the most inclusive way, who suffer from imposter syndrome. From a very young age, Ange felt passionate about inclusion. It started in school, with her always reaching out to new and different kids in her class, for example a Vietnamese little boy who didn’t speak any French when he came. She also caught the traveling bug at nine years old when her parents sent her to Spain to learn the language. There she became friend with a Spanish girl who had no arms. Her aunt was disabled. And although she confesses that she knows very little about inclusion and diversity, she is willing to learn.

One of the pivotal moments in her youth was going to an exhibition by a friend of her sister called Dark Noir where you were made to walk into the shoes of visually impaired people. Ange gets ranty about people who look down on disabled people. In her eyes, they are heroes. Old souls. And as a mum of children on the autistic spectrum who have special needs, this has reinforced her belief.

All her life, she was looking for a spiritual mentor after becoming disillusioned with the Catholic Church. She never expected that life would send her children as her spiritual and intuition mentors. This has enabled her to learn about intuition in a different way than most people. In a way: directly from the source, rather than through teachers.

Ange came to intuition through spirituality. She was a big fan of Astronomy and would often sit watching the stars wondering where we come from and the meaning of life. She was dragged to a psychic by a good friend and became a big fan of them to support her in difficult times in her life. She had been raised with a huge prejudice against psychics and to this date, she still doesn’t like the term psychic. However, she was fascinated by them and decided to study them by having as many readings as she could. She calls that her PhD in intuition.

She embarked in a fifteen year journey of exploring the metaphysical, intuitive and spiritual circles, leaving behind her a very successful fifteen year career as an international mergers and acquisitions lawyer. After doing tarot readings professionally for ten years, she decided to take her skills to the next level and invest about £10,000 in a program designed to apply psychic skills in business. Immediately after she committed, she was shown a limousine coming to pick her up and take her to corporate headquarters.

Her top tip when it comes to intuition is to understand that intuition is 50% mindset and 50% practice. The start of our intuitive journey can be difficult so don’t be afraid to ask for help. However, as it is a bit of a jungle out there: use your intuition when choosing a mentor.

You can find Ange here on Facebook and LinkedIn. She has a free Facebook group for female entrepreneurs. She also has a YouTube channel. And if you want to learn about your white privilege and support marginalised groups of people, why not follow her page called Positive White Privilege.

Ange de Lumiere

Bonjour! My Name Is Ange De Lumiere. I am your Business Intuition Guru.

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