Episode 9: Andrea Gullick’s story of intuition


Andrea Gullick didn’t have it easy in her early adulthood. Her first baby was diagnosed with cancer at only two days old. Then she was widowed at 27 when her husband died in a car accident, leaving her with two little boys. She sank into a deep depression and entered her dark night of the soul. Having come to the other side this is what now shapes her business. 

Andrea is a Transformational Courage Coach.  She primarily works with women to support them to become comfortable within their own skin by doing inner child work. As part of her sessions, Andrea is often called to intuitive essential oil readings and is often blown away by their accuracy. 

She believes that if we are afraid of using our intuition, we are blocking ourselves from our full potential. Her intuition has helped her open doors that needed opening and close those that needed to be closed. As a result of this, she has a more satisfying and fulfilling business and her business is filled with potential.

She has also recently teamed up with Barb Gibson to offer a series of talks called Let HER Be Heard. The way she connected with Barb was fascinating, especially since they found out their husbands had both died the same year. 

Andrea has learned some valuable lessons in the past when she hasn’t followed her intuition. Now she knows that If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not because she’s not smart enough or not skilled enough. It’s actually because it’s not the way for her and that’s okay. 

You can find her on Instagram and Facebook. Her website is www.soulfullivingwithandrea.com.au.

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