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In this trailer episode, I am sharing with you who this podcast episode is for but more important who it is NOT for. If you are a cynic, I am afraid it might be best that you skip right here and move on. It’s ok, you might be ready at a later date. We can stay friends and agree to disagree. I am not here to convince anyone. I am here to support people who want to trust their intuition in business because they know that it’s an awesome tool to build their confidence so that they can create THEIR version of the ideal business, that will light them up and bring them the success that they deserve.

During the launch phase of the podcast, starting on the 14th of June, I will releasing ELEVEN interviews that share powerful stories of intuition that my guests have for the most part never shared publicly before. Some of these guest consider themselves intuitive but most don’t. And the reason I selected these guests is because there needs to be a middle road between the die hard left brainers and the fluffy unicorns. There needs to be a path for people who have business heads and want to enhance and understand their intuition because they know that 80% of companies who have done extremely well in the past five years have been led by executives that had above average intuition skills.

I am creating an INTUITIVE REVOLUTION in business and I am inviting entrepreneurs to support that revolution by joining my launch crew here.

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